Covering Your Private Security Company's Assets

In today's "I need it yesterday" marketplace, many security firms are forced to put their client's need above our own. Security companies spend so much time protecting the assets of others that they neglect the protection of their own valuable assets. Here are two simple steps to make sure you've got a handle on protecting your own property:

  • Take an inventory. How long has it been since you updated your inventory records? If tools or protective devices were stolen or damaged, would you have the necessary information for the police or insurance company? Keeping an accurate list of all of your equipment, including the acquisition price, date of purchase, manufacture model & serial numbers will speed up claim payments and may assist law enforcement in returning your property.
  • Determine the value of your property. When was the last time you calculated how much you spent on your furniture, fixtures and equipment? It is essential to take into consideration not only what these items originally cost, but also how much you will need to get your operation started again, should you suffer a loss.

Once you've assessed your property, call us so we can implement a program that will maximize your coverage while minimizing your costs.