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Alarm and Electronic Security companies are faced with serious risks every day. The Mechanic Group’s Alarm & Electronic Security Insurance Program can help protect your business from these risks.

Consider the following claims examples that were covered by our program:

  1. Insured’s technician was drilling through a wall during an install and hit an electrical outlet causing damage.  Damage was paid under the Mechanic Insurance Program. 

  2. Insured’s technician was running tests when he accidentally set off 11 Inergen Tanks.  Settlement of damages was paid under the Mechanic Insurance Program.

  3. Claimant was shot and injured at a location where the insured installed security cameras and provided monitoring services.  Claimant alleges insured was supposed to provide “proactive monitoring” to spot suspicious and unusual activity and failed to do so.  Suit was filed and the Mechanic Insurance Program provided a defense and indemnification for the insured.

  4. Claimant, a gold and silver exchange business, alleged that the alarm did not go off causing over $1M in theft of property.  The assailants damaged the alarm panel/cellular unit prior to a signal being send to the central station monitoring.  Suit was filed and the Mechanic Insurance Program provided a defense and indemnification.

  5. Claimant alleges that his alarm was not configured correctly causing a delay in response when lightning struck his home and a fire started.  The Mechanic Insurance Program handled settlement of damages under their policy.

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The Mechanic Group

30+ years insuring Alarm & Electronic Security Companies

A Rated Carriers

Offering up to $10 Million in General Liability & Umbrella Limits

Professional Liability (E&O), Full Care-Custody-Control, Assault & Battery, Blanket Additional Insured-Waiver-Primary/Contributory

All states Workers Compensation Program

The Mechanic Group logo - svg

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